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Chris Webber Speaks The Truth

Be sure to go to Chris Webber’s blog and check out the article on Isiah Thomas.. “I just wish the influence of Michael Wilbon was prevalent in the late 80s/early 90s for another Chicago point guard: Isaiah “Zeke” Thomas. In … Continue reading

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Zekes Daily Picks

Last night did not go so well. I was left on a donut. 0-3. I obviously missed the bus in picking the Mavs without Dirk. I picked the Knicks with my heart and not my brain and I dunno how the … Continue reading

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Isiah Thomas in Vibe Magazine

The new issue of Vibe Magazine has a piece on Isiah Thomas. I just sent my assistant (my wife) out to get a copy of the magazine so I can attempt to scan it and post it. The piece is … Continue reading

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Why you Doubting Thomas?

This will be the first of many updates on Zeke as he aims to bring FIU to national prominence. Far away from the sold out crowds of Madison Square Garden and the hustle and bustle of Times Square Isiah Thomas … Continue reading

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All my Children

Let me start this off by stating the obvious “Isiah Thomas tenure as a gm of the New York Knicks was not very successful and he made his share of mistakes”

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You Don’t Know ‘Bout Zeke

If you only hate Zeke because its the trendy thing to do based on biased Media reports. I suggest you watch this video and learn about the man.

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You Hate Me Cuz You Aint Me!

Think I am alone in the Zeke Is Great campaign? Think again. Read this great article by Kevin Burke over @ Isiah Thomas is Owed an Apology

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