Pressure Busts Pipes..Or Makes Diamonds.

The New York Knicks are .500 since acquiring Carmelo Anthony is what the media is saying.

Some fans are requesting a reversal on the trade.

Fans of other teams are pointing and laughing. “Same old Knicks” is what your hearing after the loss against the Detroit Pistons.

May I point out that the team with the players fans are now wishing we had started out 3-8? This is the NBA, where chemistry happens. Or does not.

Regardless of any record, win or loss. This team has as good a foundation to build upon in Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. Not too many teams can say that. I will take my chances.

I do feel the team can get it together and I much rather struggle RIGHT NOW and have most of it figured out come the second week of April. Do we have issues that cannot be corrected by April? Of course. But a lot of our problems are internal and can be corrected and I am confident they will. Call me delusional or over optimistic. I just may be that but I do know one thing.

Now is the time for this team to take all the negativity press and the paper its being printed on as fuel to their internal engine. Hold on to the comments from the naysayers and use it as motivation to prove them wrong. Force those who criticized the play of our stars and team to eat their words and replace them with praise.

This can only be done by sticking together. We can implode internally from pressure or we can use it as our defining moment. This team is full of individuals but as great as they are as individuals, they cannot win on their own.

This 7-7 team must do what that 3-8 team did early in the season.

Answer the bell.

I think they will.

Prove me right.




Loyal Knick Fan, Proud Isiah Thomas Supporter, Bonafied HipHop Historian, King Of Clownin', Twitterific.
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