Hoping Is For Fans, Not Coaches


“You man up and hope he misses” -Mike D’Antoni on defending Danny Granger last night with the game tied @ 117 each with less than 24 to go and Indiana with possession.

Is that we the coaching staff has been reduced to? Hope? I believe there are only two times in life where “hope” is excusable.

1. When playing the Lotto

2. When taking an STD test

That is it. Nothing else in life should come down to hope. Triple that philosophy when it comes down to sports and attempting to win. Hope has nothing to dd with the equation unless you are a fan because fans how no control over the outcome. (regardless of how much we believe in superstitions and rituals)

Players and Coaches determine the outcome of games. These games are won with Dedication, Commitment, Effort, Determination, Focus and most of all Leadership. Hope is not close to a synonym for any of the words I just listed.

I’ve beaten a dead horse multiple times on this blog and via Twitter regarding my concerns on Mike D’Antoni and his short comings in the adjustment department and defense department. I don’t think anyone will deny them, either.

We all know the playoffs are about those 2 things. Defense and adjustments from game to game. It becomes a chess match between coaches and how they adjust from the previous game to the next. Whoever figures it out first, usually wins. (assuming the talent is within expectations)

The question I ask you as fans is this.  If Mike D’Antoni cannot make adjustments against an Indiana Pacer team that just embarrassed you on the court 2 days ago at home. What makes you think he can adjust against the Miami’s, Bostons, Orlando’s or Chicago’s of the world? If you look at both games against the Pacers, they were virtually identical in terms of approach to winning. Same damn approach every game. Its mind numbing. I am not a coach by any means but I recognized the flaws on Sunday only to see those same flaws duplicated yesterday.  Sure it was a closer game but that’s because we hit a few more shots but we did not adjust on defense, we did not adjust on offense. We did the same damn thing we did on Sunday which garnished the same damn result.

Is that the coach you want? I know I don’t.

I can only hope we can land a Doc Rivers, Jerry Sloan or the possibly the return of Jeff Van Gundy.

After all, I can hope because I am not a coach. I am just a fan.



Loyal Knick Fan, Proud Isiah Thomas Supporter, Bonafied HipHop Historian, King Of Clownin', Twitterific.
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2 Responses to Hoping Is For Fans, Not Coaches

  1. Justin says:

    Great post, coach hurts himself so much with these half ass responses and excuses after each loss. The future leadership roles may drastically change if Dolan dosent re-sign Walsh next month.

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