When The Offense Struggles The Defense Will….

Defense? Where do they do that at?

When the offense struggles, the defense will keep you in ball games and allow you to still win.  That is unless you don’t play defense very well.

I was at the game yesterday. Prior to yesterdays game I was 0-2 thus far @ MSG. (One loss on opening night to the Trailblazers and one a loss against the Clippers) So when I had the chance to obtain the Knicks vs Pacers tickets, I felt very optimistic that I would leave the Mecca in all my glory.

Survey says…… X!

I have a feeling that this Knickbocker team drinks some of the same Kool-Aid as us fans. We tend to believe this team is capable of an upset in the first round. Partially because of the talent assembled and partially because as die-hard fans, we can become delusional. I’m not saying they can’t cause a first round upset because I still think they can if they get it together.

What cannot happen is the players cannot believe their own hype.  They cannot come out against lesser opponents and play down to their level or expect to just win by showing up.  I feel that has been the case many times this season.  Cleveland 2x, The Clippers, Houston, The Pacers, etc.

I think we all agree that when our offense is clicking, we can compete with anyone and out-score them.  I think some of us will agree that the team has shown the ability to play defense when it really focuses on it.  I’m not talking All-World-Defense but I’m talking about good solid defensive effort. They have shown us that they can. They just need to do it consistently, regardless of the opponent.  Because just like last night, when the offense wasnt working and the defense was non-existent. You will have no shot at winning, anything.

After reflecting on last night’s game and the absence of Danny Granger, I think that actually hurt us.  Without Granger, it forced Indiana to play inside out and use their bigs to their advantage and our disadvantage. It’s no secret we struggle inside the paint on the defensive end and Indiana exposed it like was going out of style. One thing that drives me nuts is when players have career nights against my team. Last night was one of those nights.

I also know the word on the street is he Knicks prefer to sign Chauncy Billups and save some money to use for some much-needed size. In theory that sounds great but games like last night from Chauncy make me wonder if its the best idea. I will chalk it up to returning from injury but I will be keeping an eye on Mr. Big Shot. It will be a crucial decision for this organization and proper analysis need to be done to make sure it is the right decision not the wrong one.

Enough random thoughts out of me for now. Let’s get a win in Indiana.





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