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Chris Webber Speaks The Truth

Be sure to go to Chris Webber’s blog and check out the article on Isiah Thomas.. “I just wish the influence of Michael Wilbon was prevalent in the late 80s/early 90s for another Chicago point guard: Isaiah “Zeke” Thomas. In … Continue reading

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Denzil Porter “White Plains Road”

20 second timeout from Knicks discussion to present my homie @DenzilPorter new video..

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Pressure Busts Pipes..Or Makes Diamonds.

The New York Knicks are .500 since acquiring Carmelo Anthony is what the media is saying. Some fans are requesting a reversal on the trade. Fans of other teams are pointing and laughing. “Same old Knicks” is what your hearing … Continue reading

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Dunk Of The Night..

Had to get on this one, early…Pause. Shout to the homie @BuellerDaChef for the link.  

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Hoping Is For Fans, Not Coaches

  “You man up and hope he misses” -Mike D’Antoni on defending Danny Granger last night with the game tied @ 117 each with less than 24 to go and Indiana with possession. Is that we the coaching staff has been reduced … Continue reading

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All Of Us Need To Pause..

Even Dwight Howard understands the significance of pausing when necessary. Although it will never trump the greatest Nationally Televised “Pause” thus far, word to Gus Johnson.

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When The Offense Struggles The Defense Will….

When the offense struggles, the defense will keep you in ball games and allow you to still win.  That is unless you don’t play defense very well.

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