Let The Tampering Begin..


Now that the trade-line has come and gone and we acquired who we wanted. It is time to start focusing on the third piece.

If you would have asked me 48 hours ago who that third piece was. I would have answered with no hesitation, Chris Paul.

Chris Paul is the type of playmaker that does not come along very often. He can impact the game without scoring a ton of points similar to Jason Kidd. His court vision is as good as anyone and enjoys passing as much as scoring. That being said, he is no slouch on the offensive end by any means.  Getting in the paint and scoring or shooting from behind the 3 point line, CP3 can do all of that. I do feel that we probably will not need our PG to be a scoring threat as much as he will be needed to be that traditional PG playmaker to keep our Big Dogs (No Glen Robinson) fed.

Deron Williams was the Plan B in my mind for 2012. The whole Jerry Sloan thing has me leery on his character but I must admit I want Deron Williams to be a Knick as much if not even more than Chris Paul, for one reason and one reason only.

To see the Nets owner wipe egg off his face. 

What would be better than NJ trading what little assets they had for an Allstar PG, only to lose him to their Hudson River Rivals.

Especially after how they intentionally drove up the asking price for Carmelo Anthony on us. Karma is a motherf@cker and I am ready to serve up a hot plate of payback.

Deron Williams allegedly wants to play for NY anyway.  So him being traded to NJ only makes it that much easier for us to potentially land him. He is going to know the area, live in the area, become familiar with the area.  There will be only one thing that he will not become familiar with while in NJ.  Well, maybe 2 things.

Winning & Fans.

New Jersey doesn’t win much ’round these parts and they don’t have a fan base that is worth a dime. It’s going to be a real reality check for D-Will coming from a rapid fan base like Utah that is used to winning its fair share of games and going deep in the post-season.

He is going to see how the Nets really do not exist in the media and how the Knicks are the team of the tri-state.

He’s going to want to play for the Knicks, plain and simple. There will be nothing Jay-Z or Mikhail Prokhorov can do to stop it. Not even driving up the price.



Loyal Knick Fan, Proud Isiah Thomas Supporter, Bonafied HipHop Historian, King Of Clownin', Twitterific.
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