Homecoming for a King, No Bernard.

“I’m coming home again.
Do you think about me now and then?
Do you think about me now and then?
Cause I’m coming home again
I’m in home again.” Kanye West

Great home-coming for Carmelo Anthony tonight. The building looked electric, almost cinematic.  The crowd was energetic. The hottest ticket in town.

Carmelo may not have had the best shooting night of his career but he made big baskets when they counted. He did what Superstars do in crunch time.  Give him the ball and let him make plays.

How nice is it going to be in crunch time having Carmelo and Amar’e to choose from to deliver crunch time baskets? Don’t forget, there’s also a guy on the team now that got the name Mr. Big-Shot for a reason.

Chauncy Billups showed that when you are a Point Guard, who your on the court with or the playbook is secondary to instincts.  He finished with 21, 6, & 8 and ran the floor like a General does. I think we are gonna really become attached to Chauncy’s play and leadership.

Once we acquired Billups I said it will be great for Toney Douglas. Billups can become a mentor to Toney and show him what running a team is all about. I did not expect Billups presence to have an impact on Douglas so quickly.

Douglas played arguably he best game of the season, finishing with 23 points on 10-12 shooting. I have said time and time again, there are things that Douglas does on the court that cannot be taught or coached. He has cat-like instincts on defense and a hustle engine that operates at 100 mph every minute of the game. Glad to see him perform the way he did.

We looked pretty good for a team that has yet to practice together. Is it safe to say on paper that Amar’e & Melo is the best two-man combination the Knicks have had in 30+ years? I’d say so.

Speaking of Amar’e he picked up yet another technical and is now only one away from a suspension. I tweeted earlier that he might as well get another tonight and sit out against Cleveland and get it out the way.

The STAT & MELO Era has begun!




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