You Get What You Ask For

A rare moment of anger.

“I think our focus has to be on trying to get to 40 wins.” -Mike D’Antoni

I am a strong believer in leadership. As much as X & O’s are important in the game of basketball. There is no substitute for leadership.

Mike D’Antoni making the statement about 40 games being our goal when the team is currently playing over .500 basketball is beyond comprehension.  What he basically said is his goal is for the team to play below .500 for the rest of the season. Really? That’s your plan for getting into the playoffs? Playing sub-par down the stretch? Why bother? Pack it in now.

I have always believed that you set your goals on excellence. 40 wins is no-where near excellence. It’s actually below average. What message does that send to your players? I will tell you what it sends. It says losing games like last night are acceptable based on Mike D’Antoni’s goals for this team. Unacceptable for me and they should be for any Knick fan.

I’ve taken it easy on Coach D’Antoni for most of the season. I cannot anymore. He’s under a microscope from me right now. Luckily for him, I’m just a fan who expresses himself on a blog. I have no real impact on his position with the Knicks.  What’s bad for him is I might not be the only one watching him closely.

I tweeted today the 5 P’s of Life. Proper-Preperation-Prevents-Poor-Performance.  Someone needs to make D’Antoni aware of these words because he has not shown anything close to it.

From my understanding his philosophy is letting the players make the decisions on the court and he does not believe in calling plays.  Ok, so someone explain to me what he does exactly? I was at the game last night and had one eye on the court and the other eye on him. He did not once appear to be outraged or challenge a player during a time-out. Where is the intensity?  Where is the accountability when players are not executing?

I will give D’Antoni credit that he is thoughtful about who he allows to grace the court during a game. He benched Mozgov and now he is playing better. He refuses to let Anthony Randolph play because he is not ready to contribute. 

Coach D’Antoni needs to have that same accountability during a game with his players, that goes from Amar’e Stoudemire down to Toney Douglas. No exceptions. Leadership does not allow you to show prejudices in the accountability department.

I do not know what the ceiling is for Mike D’Antoni and this team. I do know 40 games is not even lose to an acceptable goal.



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