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D-12 to MSG? Or Shaq to LA Part 2 for Orlando?










I may be out the loop but I was unaware that Dwight Howard made feelings known about a potential desire to play in NY. (Or LA) 

I am not a cap maven by any means and personally refuse to use any of the websites that calculate salaries, trades, or what money we have to spend in the future.  Not because it is not important to me but rather I find it boring and reminds me of accounting class. I’d just prefer let someone else do it and read their findings. Shoot me.

What I do know is if there is anyway possible that Dwight Howard can bring his services to Manhattan Beach, I’m in!

Sure, landing Carmelo is priority #1 right now for us but just imagine what we would look like with Amar’e & Melo handling the scoring, while Dwight handles the rebounding and anchoring of our defense. What a dream that would be.

Question is.. Can that dream become a reality?

I guess I will have to wait for someone to explain the salary cap situation for me for the summer of 2012.




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