Knick Knacks

This new position @ work has been kicking my back in and preventing me to update as much as I’d like to so here is a quick run down of events over the last week or so and my humble opinion.

#ExtendWalshTwitter has been buzzing the last 24 hours regarding Donnie Walsh and his lack of a contract extension. Donnie’s has done a very solid job and I can’t see any reason why Dolan will not extend him.  Unless Donnie is not interested in staying in NY or wants a ridiculous amount of money. I don’t think the potential return of Isiah is a factor at all.  Although I do get a kick out of people’s fear of his return and wouldn’t mind seeing it happen just to witness people go ape-sh!t.

200k Fine for Workouts – We did not lose any picks, so I really do not care. I question the validity of the whole situation in general. It’s not worth the keystrokes but I had to address it otherwise I’d be getting asked why I did not.

Raymond Felton’s All-Star bidI do feel there is an outside shot of him getting a nod. A very small outside shot. Part of me wants to see him get in because he has worked hard and has been pretty solid despite recent struggles.  The other half of me says he could use the rest, which is more important than an all-star appearance that many feel he really doesn’t deserve anyway.

Coach Mike No D’AntoniI’ve been extra critical of Coach Antoni (I refuse to use the D in his name because of the lack of D in his coaching) but my criticism is rightfully warranted. I have watched him get out coached on a regular basis in the playoffs when he was in Phoenix. We are now seeing that same trend occur in New York. Early on in the season, teams were not sure how to play against us but now that the gig is up, teams know our likes and dislikes and how to defend and defer us into unfavorable plays on the offense. This is when a great coach steps in and mixes up our play book and how the team operates to keep opposing defenses on their toes. He has not done such. In fact, he has never been capable of doing this. He approaches the game with the same philosophy regardless of the opponent. High volume of shots, that’s the pedigree. It’s great when we are shooting great, disastrous when we are not. You do not play ever team the same way every night. It just does not work that way. Show us something different, please.

Will vs Gallo – Why are Knick fans so hell-bent on this debate? Who’s better, Will or Gallo. That is all I see. The answer changes from week to week depending on who is playing well. Its ridiculous. I also notice most fans are not capable of liking both. People are so polarized about which side of the fence they are on regarding these two fine young players. HELLO! They both play for the same team. It is in our best interest to want both of them to be playing at a high level. I can’t understand why any Knick fan would relish in their own player having a bad game because of some stupid hidden agenda and admiration of another particular player. Cut it out!

Fresh Mozz Mozgov might actually start contributing for this team. Lord knows we need some size. If he can play as good as he did against Detroit, I’d be ecstatic.





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