Top 10 Most Annoying NBA Players

I think we all have those particular players in the NBA that just annoy the hell out of us as fans. Some of those players might even be on the team you root for.

For me, most of the players on my Top 10 Most Annoying NBA Players are guys that come off the bench. What annoys me most of the time is when guys who hardly make an impact come in the game and happen to make a good play or two and then act as if their NBA Superstars.

Then there are the impact players, starters or even NBA Allstars that happen to get under my skin. Enough of the small talk, let’s get into the list.

10. Richard Jefferson – Spurs: This was one of the most annoying players of all time for me when he was on New Jersey. He has dropped down to #10 because he happens to play for a team that I really like. When he was in NJ though, UGH. RJ acted like he was an All-NBA Team caliber player but he never even made the Allstar team. He physically reminded me of a composite sketch of an Alien.

9. Mo Williams – Cavs: I actually respected Mo Williams game when he was on Milwaukee and he always seemed to play really well against the Knicks. Once he got on Cleveland and they started winning games, he started posturing as if he was a main reason for their success. Like c’mon dude, do you really think you had that much of an impact on the Cavs? If that’s the case why are you not carrying the Cavs to respectability now that Lebron is gone? And that stupid ass Godfather theme music they play Quicken Loans Arena when you hit a basket makes we want to smash my TV and set Ohio on fire.

8. Sasha Vujacic – Nets: This guy right here is down right ridiculous. I will not lie, he was a pretty good player for the Lakers and definitely contributed off the bench. He really reminded me of that bee at your family picnic that just would not go away no matter where you were @ the picnic. Sasha is way too animated for a player of his caliber. Whats more annoying than that is his damn hair. If I had $1 for every time Sasha was pushing his hair back while on the court, I’d be a millionaire. I still do not know if it was his hair that he was pushing back or he had some time of women’s headband that he was adjusting. Afterall, his name is Sasha.

7. Jason Terry – Mavericks: I have a love/hate relationship with “The Jet”. He’s actually a very very good NBA player. He used to work wonders for me in NBA Live when he was on Atlanta some time ago. I just cannot stand the stupid Jet flying motion he does down court whenever he hits a big basket. (which to his credit is very often) Everytime I look at him all I think about is George Jefferson from “The Jeffersons” they have to be related somehow.  I also often joke that with the size of his headband and the shape of his head *pause* he looks like piece of “Bleeps” candy.

6. Delonte West – Celtics: I can’t lie. I despised this guy on every team he has played on dating back to college. They need to put some type of censorship blur over his face whenever he is on TV. Besides him looking like the character from the movie “Leprechaun From The Hood”, he is just a moron.  I mean who rides around on a motorcycle strapped with firearms like he is out the movie Desperado.

5. Carlos Arroyo – Heat: Another personal favorite of mine to hate on. I don’t know if it started from the Olympic Games when he represented Puerto Rico and cooked Stephon Marbury or not. But this guy is about as annoying as they come on the court. I will also point out that he only plays good about every 13 games.  Even when he played for Utah, he acted as if he was the second coming of John Stockton. GTFOH.

4. Carlos Delfino – Bucks: I’m not quite sure why I despise Delfino so much. I think it started in where he started, in Detroit. He did have some moments against the Knicks on almost every team he played for where he might have over-celebrated a marginal play and just irked the sh!t out of me. It was  either that or them dumb ass eyebrows. I know he’s from Argentina but I swear he should have been casted for MTV’s “Jersey Shore”.

3. Chris Bosh – Heat: Chris Bosh is really the only bona-fide Allstar Player to annoy me as much as he does.  I did toy with the idea of putting Dwayne Wade on my list because of his horrible choice in fashion and inflated ego that makes Lebron James seem humble. I decided against it at last-minute because I did not want my top 10 to be dominated by the Heat.  Chris Bosh is the NBA’s ultimate groupie. Everytime Lebron or Wade make an amazing play on the court, Bosh looks like he is 5 years old and his parents just told them they are going to Disney World for vacation. I cannot stand this guy AT ALL. It has nothing to do with him joining forces in Miami either because I never wanted him in New York anyway. I always felt he was really a complimentary player who was forced by lack of talent to assume the role as go to guy. I think he is perfectly comfortable being Lebron & Wade’s personal assistant wherever they go. He also looks like half man/half reptile with that neck that is long as Interstate 95.

2. Anderson Varejao – Cavs: Where do I start with this Sideshow Bob lookalike? Yeah, he hustles, he is a good defender, he is a flopper but above all that he is MOTHERF@CKING ANNOYING! He probably has the worst posture out of any player to ever play in the NBA. Somebody get this guy a back-brace ASAP. I don’t think this guy has ever stepped foot in a gym. Somebody should buy him the movie “Pumping Iron” with Arnold Schwazzneger.

1. Eddie House – Heat: I swear to god, I have never, ever, ever, ever, EVER found a player in the NBA more annoying than this little bastard. I am perplexed at the statistic that he averaged 1.6 assists over his career. I cannot recall him every passing the ball, EVER. Talk about a guy with no conscious. He will force any shot, any time, at any place on the court. Don’t get me wrong, he has made some pretty big 3 point baskets over his career. What takes place after those shots regardless of their lack of impact on the game is what sets my eyes on fire. House will run around the court like a raging lunatic as if he just won a championship after just about any basket, even in garbage time. I still don’t know how we got any minutes for us when he played for the Knicks. This guy is the most ANNOYING PLAYER I HAVE EVER BEEN FORCED TO WATCH. He’s so annoying in fact.. I wanted to make a top 10 list of most annoying Eddie House moments but there are too many to filter through.

There you have it.. My top 10. Agree or disagree. Feel free to add your own. I’m curious to who you guys despise most.





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2 Responses to Top 10 Most Annoying NBA Players

  1. @Mannyforbes says:

    i agree with bosh and jefferson everyone else doesn’t bother me, maybe mo williams since ever since lebron left he all of a sudden cant stay healthy and never did show up in the playoffs when lb was there…..

  2. JakeySnake says:

    HAHA…I totally agree with the Eddie House one. Thought he was the best when he was on the nets too. Oh wait, unfortunately he prolly was.

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