Pop Off…

I know some people might not approve of Shawne Williams behavior last night. I am not one of them. I applaud him. We need someone on this team who is not afraid to put in work.

I’m old school with it. I’m Charles Barkley breaking Bill Laimbeer’s nose. I’m Greg Anthony coming off the bench in Phoenix to pop Kevin Johnson in his jaw. I’m Derek Harper vs Jo-Jo English. I’m JR Reid knocking out A.C. Green’s front teeth. Kermit Washington is my guy. That’s how I want to see the game played. Like a man. Put your hands on somebody if you have to.

We talk about the lack of physical toughness on this team and many people lean towards Turiaf off the bench to bring that because of his size but that is not his personality. Shawne has shown that no-nonsense mentality since arriving in NY. I’ve watched Shawne Williams go face to face with a couple different guys this year, including Ron Artest. You need that type of guy on your team.

One thing has not change in the NBA though. 90% of the players could not land a punch if their life depending on it. But at least he let his ratchets pop off.



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3 Responses to Pop Off…

  1. MM says:

    I didn’t know that manhood was defined by being ready to put your hands on someone. That sounds a little ignorant to me. Men use reason and restraint, thinking out their decisions and choices as opposed to reacting based off of emotions. I wonder if the author of this piece would describe Martin Luther King as a man, since he never put his hands on anybody. If you are a fan of fisticuffs, wrong sport. I don’t believe that any of the players you mentioned won any titles while they played. I’m pretty sure their reasoning skills also impacted other parts of their games and their off court activities as well. There’s a difference between playing physical and fighting. Grow up.

    • ELGINDOTCOM says:

      I’m fully grown. I understand your statement completely but at the end of the day we are entitled to defend ourself.

      I’m not a fan of pu$$y footing around on the court. Intimidation is as big of a factor on the court as it is your ability to score baskets.

      Just recall to the Knicks teams of the 90’s that had Xman, Mason and Oakley. Going in the paint on that team ensured bodily harm. It was a mans league then. Now a shove is a flagrant foul. I understand you have to protect the leagues star players but the rules are a little too soft for me personally.

      In regards to Martin Luther “The King” Jr, totally unfair comparison. I will say though I’m more in tune with the Malcolm X “By Any Means Necessary” approach.

  2. thekid10705 says:

    Yeah ELLLL, FACT!!! We are no longer the laughing stock of the NBA!

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