Knicks Beat Heat With A Blast From The Past.

Last night Madison Square Garden was turned into a time machine. The Delorean was loaded with Plutonium, flux capacitor was operational and fully powered by 1.21 gigawats. 

I had to rub my eyes because as I looked at the scoreboard through three quarters. I almost thought I saw Tim Hardaway, Eddie Jones, Alonzo Mourning and Dan Majerle wearing the Heat uniform. Coach D’Antoni began to morph into Jeff Van Gundy the same way faces morphed in Michael Jacksons “Black & White” video. I thought I saw Sprewell, Houston, Camby and Larry Johnson yelling defensive commands amongst each other.

Last night was a team in which both teams struggled to put points on the board. The Knicks have been in an offensive funk as of late and Miami just did not play very well except for Wade through the first three-quarters. It appeared as if the teams were doing their best to re-enact the Knicks & Heat teams of the late 90’s that preferred defense over scoring and finding the hardest way to score humanly possible rather than crisp offensive continuity.

The Knicks did get a win. Amar’e predicted claiming “Nobody is scared of The Heat” and he backed up his comments which I thought would come back to haunt us.

I have been reading my timeline and everyone seems so very excited about this win. I personally am not as I saw so many things that made me irate over the stretch of the game.

Our defense despite holding the Heat down in points was inconsistent as usual.  We were leaving Jones open for 3’s all night despite knowing his accuracy from long rang. Perhaps our strategy was to let him beat us rather than Wade and Lebron, so I can give a pass on that.

One play that drove me absolutely insane was the final possession. With us leading by 3 points we decided to leave Chalmers open in the corner for a 3 point basket. Thank god he missed. I was beside myself after this play and can’t imagine how the coaching staff did not demand of this team not to leave their man alone on the perimeter. Classic example of  why Coach D’Antoni is finding his way into my mental doghouse as a coach.

Raymond Felton although played some solid defense individually continues to struggle. It is ever so clear that we cannot play at a high level without him being on top of his game. I don’t know what we have to do to get this guy back on track but someone needs to figure it out, Raymond himself included. We need this guy more than any other player not named Amar’e.

I will say that is a very solid win and a much-needed one for us. Don’t confuse my complaining with lack of appreciation for the win. I just am getting tired of seeing us struggle offensively and the lack of defensive focus.

Amar’e and Gallo played great for us and carried the load on the offense. I’d like to give us credit for playing solid defense last night but I do feel it was more about Miami struggles that our defense. Maybe I am being over critical though. We got the win and I am thankful.

Let me stop rambling and let’s get another win against the Dirty Birds tonight.






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