Dodged A Bullet.. I mean Wizard

You would think we were playing these guys last night

I know they say there is no such thing as a bad win in sports but last nights victory feels just like that.

The good news the 6 game skid if officially over. The bad news, we still looked like a dysfunctional basketball team for most of the game.

How we do not come out and dominate a winless road team like the Wizards is beyond me. I know we have been struggling but last night seemed like the perfect opportunity to take our frustrations out on a lesser opponent. Instead the Knicks decided to make Knick fans hold their breath for 42 of the 48 minutes of play.

Good news is Amar’e, Raymond and Chandler all had good games. Hopefully that trend will carry over against Miami.  Bosh not playing helps and I wouldn’t mind if Wade sits out too. Got to rack up wins by any means necessary.




Loyal Knick Fan, Proud Isiah Thomas Supporter, Bonafied HipHop Historian, King Of Clownin', Twitterific.
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One Response to Dodged A Bullet.. I mean Wizard

  1. thekid10705 says:

    Wins’ a win is right..I’ll take it! Despite all the hype around the Knicks were ‘2 games over .500. ‘Melo on a tear right now, get the deal done Donnie! Fuck it, try and bring my boy Nene back to the City as well. We need depth.. D’Antoni’s rotation is killing me and killing our guys. If we plan on going into late May, early June we need to get some other guys some burn..

    Pro sports and society are to ‘PC’ for my liking.. For instance, Bullets was a dope name. Wizards sounds real ‘faggy’, too Disney. Also, the NBA needs to bring back toughness, like the blue-collar, if I wasn’t in the NBA I’d be working in a factory right now type centers, to clog up the middle and protect the goal.(Insert: Mark Eaton, Kevin Duckworth RIP, Jack Sikma, Tree Rollins, etc…) If dudes, like this were still in the League, LeBron would never of been coined ‘King’ and athletes would still act like ‘jocks’ and not pri-madonna Hollywood stars….

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