San Antoni-Owned..

SMH..WTF..WTH..LOL.. And all other types of acronyms.

The Knicks lost their 5th game in a row last night against the Spurs. Not much has gone right for the Knicks over the last 5 games, maybe 4 as they did play pretty well offensively against Utah.

Moral victories are something I usually never hang my hat on but I can always make an exception. I fell last night is one of those exceptions and I will explain why.

Last nights game reminded me a lot of the game against the Denver Nuggets back on November 16th.  It was our sixth loss in a row but a game we played very well in against a very good team.

The Knicks were able to take the good things from that lose and turn it into a 5 game winning streak. (with a little help from the “schedule gods”) I feel last nights game can be the same type of spring-board. The defense played pretty good. Our hi-octane offense still appears to be running on regular gasoline instead of Super. That is a problem.

It is imperative that Raymond Felton gets his game back to a higher level. I am not sure if it is nagging injuries or he is coming back down to Earth after an Allstar caliber start. If its injuries, we need him to get healthy. If it’s the latter case, we are going to struggle. He is the motor of this team. It’s that simple.

I’m also noticing a lot of Chandler hate lately? Sure he’s been in a slump but I don’t see why fans are so critical of this guy? I think someone has planted a pretty good “divide and conquer” technique between him and Gallanari. It seems there is no fan on Earth that likes both of these guys. I notice either fans want Will to outshine Gallo or vice-versa? What is that about?

Gallanari has had his fair share of slumps this season and im my eyes has been nowhere near as good as Chandler thus far despite any Chandler slump. I did not see near the demand to get rid of Gallanari as I do Chandler. Makes no sense to me whats so ever. I want both guys to play at the highest level possible, so should the rest of the fans.

We have to string some wins together over the next 5 games. We have OKC next and then Washington, Miami, Atlanta and Detroit. We need a way to go 4-1 over the next 5. To do so we clearly need to either beat Miami or OKC tonight.



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