The Law Of Diminishing Astonishment

“The Law Of Diminishing Astonishment: What initially amazes people quickly becomes the new expectation.” -Gloria Gery

Is there a more fitting quote to sum of the season thus far for the Knicks and Knick fans alike?

As I review the season in my mental rolodex many games, many plays and many moments come to mind. Unfortunately for most Knick fans myself included, the game of basketball is like the music business. You are only good as your last hit or in this case your last win or loss.

The last 4 games have been absolutely dreadful to watch. Because of the great play we saw for a pretty solid stretch, the bar has been raised in terms of expectations. We expect to beat the bad teams and hold our own against the Elite. We’ve done neither in the last 5 games.

It has left me scratching my head. You reflect back to experiences of the past to help draw conclusions on what exactly we have in this Knick team.  Because to be honest, I am not quite sure what we have. I don’t know what to believe. Half of what I hear and none of what I see? There are so many questions. Who has answers?

Who is this team? Are we a Playoff team that can win 46 regular season games and create some problems in the post season? Or are we a team that over-achieved for the first half of the season only to come back down to reality?

Is Raymond Felton an Allstar PG who is being slowed down by some nagging injuries? Or is he a player who just cannot perform consistently at such a high level over a long grueling season?

Is Gallanari on the threshold of greatness that requires a year or two more of grooming? Or is he a player who is content with being incredibly average?

Is Wilson Chandler a do-it-all small forward in this league that is worth paying a large contract to? Or is he the mild-mannered swingman capable of playing beyond his ability every so often but when you average out his performances, he is pretty average?

Is Toney Douglas a world-class athlete with incredible instincts that can develop into an instant spark plug off the bench, similar to Jamal Crawford? Or is he the smaller and quicker version of Mardy Collins?

Has Landry Fields hit the rookie wall? Or is he just catching his second wind?

Is D’Antoni the coach we can win with and want leading the ship? Or is he a offesnive juggernaut minded coach that refuses to make adjustments and hold his players accountable on the defensive end?

I am myself and not quite sure what to expect. I know I was reluctant to believe this team has turned the corner. And for good reason.  It seems every time I do feel they turned the corner, BAMN! Same Old Knicks.

I still don’t believe these are the same old Knicks but I do know this movie does seem very familiar. I’m praying this is the directors cut with an alternative ending because I can’t deal with another build up of excitement and promise only to have the world come crashing down on me.

Afterall, that is the Law Of Diminishing Astonishment.

You can’t deliver excellence and not expect me to expect you to deliver it again and again and again.




Loyal Knick Fan, Proud Isiah Thomas Supporter, Bonafied HipHop Historian, King Of Clownin', Twitterific.
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One Response to The Law Of Diminishing Astonishment

  1. basa says:

    the shine is off. they in for a fight for that 8th spot.

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