Very nice win on the road in Niketown.

 I was relieved to see Coach D did not commit to play small ball. Instead he elected to give Turiaf significant minutes and it resulted in his best game as a Knick. 19 points and 10 rebounds.

Raymond Felton played a brilliant game. 14 assists and 0 turnovers. Wilson Chandler had another impressive game including a nice fast break alley-op from Landry Fields. I’m surprised we do not see more alley-op plays from this team.

Rudy Fernandez played well for Portland. It seemed as if he was re-auditioning for the Knicks. I for one never wanted Rudy. Thank god we did not trade Wilson for him. Often the best trade is the one that is never made. That applies to Chandler for Rudy.

When we talk about adding a big man to the Knicks roster. There are two players that I think of instantly. Tyson Chandler from Dallas and LeMarcus Aldridge from Portland. I know we pretty much have no shot at getting either but those are the proto-types for what we need. I really like Aldridge’s game. I think he would be perfect complement to Amar’e. He is big *pause, can rebound, hit a 15 foot jumper and play defense. I am not quite sure what his situation is in Portland but he would be great for us.

We have a really tough challenge tonight against Utah. If we can find a way to win tonight, I would consider this to be our best road trip in about 10 years.

Let’s get it.



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One Response to Trail-Blazin’

  1. Excel Auto says:

    I have to say Raymond Felton is an All-Star!! He is playing better ball then any other Point Guard in the EAST! Except D.Rose. I feel he will be the Future PG of the KNICKS…they do not need T. Parker or C.Paul. It took awhile for me to give him the credit but he is playing well…

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