The Trade That Cried Wolf..

Take that blueprint back to the drawing board, Hov.


I can specifically remember being on the treadmill of NYSC in Englewood, NJ after work when the first Carmelo Anthony to The Nets rumor broke.

I do not remember exactly if it was the beginning of the season or pre-season. I do know I was not very happy. The idea of him going to the Nets burned me up for many reasons.  Not only as Melo one of my favorite players but NJ was one of my least favorite teams. I also felt it was a horrible career move.

A few days passed and the deal lost tread life. Disaster averted.

In December the rumors surfaced again that New Jersey was putting together a trade that would land draft picks which would in exchange be swapped for Carmelo Anthony. I raised an eyebrow at the situation but was not overly concerned because our recent success made getting Melo less of a priority for us and more of a priority for him.  He played here a few days prior and felt the energy in that building and was officially hooked. NJ was not an option in my mind.

A few days passed again and the Melo to NJ talks simmered down drastically. Typical media hoopla.

Here we are in 2k11 and the trade talks are intense. ESPN, NBATV, FOXSPORTS, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, BLACKPLANET, you name it. Melo to NJ is the topic.

So let me get this straight. There is this big 15 player trade. Denver, NJ and Detroit all are basicaly on the same page with the swaps and exchanges. So where is the trade? Oh, I see. Depending who you ask. NJ wants something different.  No, its Denver. They want more. Detroit? They don’t appear to care.

It’s none of that. Its Carmelo Anthony. He holds the key to the trade. If he was going to agree to an extension he would be in NJ right now. He’s not. At least right now and I personally don’t think he will at all.

So pardon me for not subscribing to the idea of Melo signing an extension with NJ. After all, I’ve seen this movie already. Not once, but twice.

Give me one good reason why Melo would choose to sign with NJ? Seriously, just one. And don’t you dare say “So he can work for Jay-Z”. Thats the lamest thing I ever heard. If this was simply about money. He can get his money from Denver, stay there and be a better team than NJ will be for many years to come. This is about biggest spot-light in the world.

Madison Square Garden.

Not some picture of brick and mortar construction site.

Wow. That would attract me as a free agent.




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