I’ve been really tied up with work the last few days so I have not had the chance to dedicate individual articles to some of the rumblings in Knickland but here is a quick snap-shot.

Melo to New Jersey – I don’t believe it till I see it. We’ve seen this movie before early in the season when the deal was 90% done and here we are 3 months later and Melo is still in Denver. I think Melo is pretty sensitive to what his peers think about him like most NBA players and going to NJ would definitely making him the laughing stock of the NBA. So my approach is believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.

Plan B for the Knicks – Assuming Melo does pick NJ and ends up there its not the end of the world for me. We all know the Knicks have other concerns that will need to be addressed. Back up PG and size are 2 exactly.  Everyone is saying the Knicks need a big man. I got news for you, so does 80% of the league.  I don’t know if getting a big man that actually is any good is a realistic option. The era of Olajuwon, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing or even Dikembe Mutombo is over. We are now a league full of Power Forwards playing Center.

Loss to The Lakers – Tough to be an Elite Team when your Top Guns are not playing their best basketball. I’ve said it before, there are Tier A teams in this league and Tier B.  We are not Tier A yet but are heading towards that direction. We will steal some wins against Tier A teams but last night was not one of them. Move on and get a win in Nike-Town. (Portland)

The Line-Up – I’m still wondering why the lineup has not been Turiaf, Amare, Chandler, Field and Felton.  I like that better than Shawn Williams in the lineup but who am I to critique Coach D. He’s been doing a splendid job thus far so I will keep my mouth shut.

Anthony Randolph – Please no more demands that his guy gets playing time. Enough is enough.

That is all.



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