Top 10

Top 10? Hell yes.

“Similar to Melo when it comes to the game winners” -Jadakiss

There was an on-going discussion today via Twitter about where exactly Carmelo Anthony ranks amongst the NBA’s elite.

There is no doubt in my mind that Carmelo is amongst the top 10 players in the NBA. He might be somewhere around the 8th – 10th range but none the less, top 10.

I rank him that high for a number of reasons. His scoring ability is obvious, he is good rebounder, better passer than he gets credit for, and most importantly a winner. He has won on every level since highschool. He is arguably the greatest freshman in NCAA history who lead Syracuse to a Championship. He joined a Denver team as a rookie that previously in the cellar amongst NBA teams and took them to a playoff berth.  I could even make the argument fairly easy that he deserved the NBA Rookie Of The Year over Lebron James that year.

Everyone is so concerned about his “defense”. I made a statement on Twitter earlier today that referenced back to the Anthony Mason / Larry Johnson trade. Everyone was upset because Mason was a fan favorite and LJ had the reputation of not being a good defender.  Fast forward a few years after the trade, LJ was the anchor of our defense.  Great plays adjust and improve when needed. I don’t see why Melo would be any different. Stop fooling yourself.

I was asked who my NBA Top 10 Players were and I was driving home at the time but now that I am home and had time to think about it. I present to you my Top 10. (*list is based on combination of this year and career*)

1. Kobe Bryant – It’s logic. Biggest winner in the league. Clutch as it comes. MJ 2.0. Black Mamba

2. Lebron James – Love him, hate him, don’t care. He is a video game in the flesh. Can do it all. I don’t subscribe to the idea that joining Miami has tarnished his legacy, especially if he wins a few chips. He is just a few steps behind the #1 guy.

3. Dwight Howard – D12 is the proto-type for athletes of the future. I know his game is not polished enough yet but you cannot teach size and strength. Take him off that Orlando Magic team and they don’t make the playoffs, nevermind make the NBA Finals.

4. Kevin Durant – Kevin Durant is the lighter, quicker, longer version of Carmelo Anthony. I probably could argue that Carmelo is better but what Durant did in the playoffs against LA and during the summer for USA team combined with him being younger and having more upside put him in the top 5.

5. Dwyane Wade – Who’s batman? Who’s Robin? Who cares. He got a chip already. He is about to help Lebron get one this year or next year probably. I usually hate ranking undersized guards so high but he deserves it.

6. Dirk Nowitzki – Someone said he was a tier B player today. No way. He was and is still a one of a kind player in this league. He may be getting a little older but he still top 10 to me.

7. Derrick Rose – Marbury 2.0 might not be the best point guard in the league but he is one of the best guards, period. Steph said so too.

8. Amar’e Stoudemire – I would not have had him in my top 10 before this season but what he has done in NY is nothing short of amazing. MVP worthy, Go to guy in the 4th, leader on and off the court. Thats STAT.

9. Carmelo Anthony – You read what I had to say above. No explanation needed.

10. Paul Pierce – Old reliable. One of my favorite players in the league. Captain Clutch. The Truth. He still will lead his team and in a big spot there are few who can hang with him.

Again. I’m sure my list is not perfect and players can be swapped in and out, left and right. Feel free to critique.



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