It Was A Good Day…

The Sun Rises In The East

“Get me on the court and I’m trouble. Last week messed around and got a triple double” -Ice Cube

Excellent way to cruise to a win last night for the Knicks.

I know this way Amar’e’s return to Phoenix but it appeared Raymond Felton was the Knick that wanted to make this his personal showcase.

Despite what Raymond says you can tell he did not take kind to the idea that the Knicks needed Steve Nash early in the season. I also think the re-surfacing rumors of NY potentially traded for Nash rekindled those feelings and he displayed it on the court.

He was aggressive, fiery and a little nasty. Just what the Dr. ordered.

Those people who have been starving for Anthony Randolph to get some burn, your prayers were answered.  I think its pretty clear why he is not getting any burn. He played 5 minutes and jacked up any shot he could get his way and looked as our of control as you can get. I think him and the bench are going to be really good friends, rightfully so.

Great way to start this trip. Only gets tougher as we play LA next.



Loyal Knick Fan, Proud Isiah Thomas Supporter, Bonafied HipHop Historian, King Of Clownin', Twitterific.
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