Talk about being thrusted into the center of attention.

A season high 31 points and a win against the NBA’s best team sure has created a buzz amongst the media, the fans and apparently Donnie Walsh.

It’s been well reported, tweeted, facebooked, water-cooler discussed. Donnie Walsh has made his intent public regarding retaining Wilson Chandler.

Great news and something I stated should be a priority for Donnie.  Glad you don’t let the name of the site discourage you from taking my advice, Mr. Walsh.

If I scroll back on my timeline the last 12 hours or so of my timeline. Most of the tweets are discussing the complexity of the salary cap, the changes that can take place and how exactly Mr. Walsh plans on retaining Will and bringing in Carmelo Anthony and or whoever else. I do appreciate the fanatics and casual fans curiosity of how the salary cap rules work and apply to us. (something I will never pretend to understand completely nor have the real desire to)

I much rather spend my time watching Wilson Chandler and these New York Knicks take me on a ride that I have not been on in about ten years. I’m not trying to discourage fans from exploring the business side of the NBA. It’s just not for me. I do want to encourage everyone to remember what made us fans in the first place.

The action on the court and William Chandler has been nothing short of outstanding.

I don’t want to put the jinx on Donnie Walsh but I will say he has earned my trust as GM. Something I was very reluctant to give him. But I cannot deny the exceptional job he has done in assembling this team. If he tells me he plans on resigning Chandler, that’s good enough for me.

When I go to a fine restaurant and listen to the specials. They explain the ingredients, the recipe and how I can anticipate the taste. I am do not concern myself with how many degrees the oven is, why brand the oil is or how long the entrée stays in the oven. Only thing I care about is the taste, not necessarily how it got that way.

And thus far, this season has been delicious.




Loyal Knick Fan, Proud Isiah Thomas Supporter, Bonafied HipHop Historian, King Of Clownin', Twitterific.
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