Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number


Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number. Too bad that age will prevent the worlds best young talent from wearing a number on the back of a jersey in the NBA.

A lot has been said about the pending doomsday lockout for the NBA after this season.

Salary Caps, Roster requirements, Minimum Salaries, etc, etc, etc.

The one interesting issue to me is the minimum age requirements for the NBA. The players want it abolished and David Stern wants it raised.

Something does not make sense to me. I cannot for the life of me understand the idea of an age limit beyond highschool for the NBA for a number of reasons.

Why would you want to tell a company who they can employee? If someone is capable of handling a job as an NBA player and the team is in agreement with wanted to employee that person. Who is David Stern to interfere? You can join the Army and die for your country but you can’t play in the NBA? Give me a break.

Some people will argue it is killing the college game because all the premier players were skipping college for the league. So what. Tell the NCAA to reconsider their policy on student athlete compensation and maybe some players would be more inclined to attend these universities. Even if the NCAA does not change their policies, there is always the Brandon Jennings approach. Play over-seas. I personally loved him for doing this. find the loop-hole and exploit it. Good for him!

Then there is David Stern. How the hell can David Stern want to prevent these crop of talent from entering the NBA? He is the best commissioner in all of sports after all. There is no doubt about that title. This is a business and NBA Stars equal revenue.

I’ve taken the liberty to assemble an All highschool NBA Team which comprises of the best players in the NBA that made the jump out of highschool to the pro’s.

Starters: C- Dwight Howard, PF – Kevin Garnett, SF – Lebron James, SG – Kobe Bryant – PG Monta Ellis

Bench: C- Andrew Bynum,PF – Amare Stoudemire, SF – Josh Smith, G – Deshaun Stevenson, G – J.R. Smith, C – Kendrick Perkins, F – Rashard Lewis, F- Al Jefferson

Now I ask you this. What time of non-highschool draftees can rival the one above?

So why would David Stern not want to rid the NBA of this rule? I think the players above have done the NBA pretty proud. Arguably the best 2 players in the league in Kobe and Lebron are both out of highschool. How much money have they made the league collectively? It just does not make sense to have an age limit. The proof is in the pudding.

I know people will also argue for every great player out of high school that makes it, 10 enter the draft only to be skipped over and have their dreams destroyed. That may be true but there are just as many kids who go to college for 2,3 or even 4 years enter the draft and never see their dreams materialize either. Yes, they have their college education to fall back on and that’s great. But you cannot limit those with the potential to make it straight into the league because of those who are fed the illusion that they are ready.

Thats not David Sterns job.

Props to Chi-Ali for the post title inspiration. Hold ya head.



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