For Better Or For Worse?

Are we better off with Will @ the 3 and Gallo off the bench?

An incredible win last night for the Knickerbockers, no doubt.

I know it is only one game and my ideas on our starting line-up are beyond premature but let’s discuss them anyway.

We went with a traditional line-up yesterday of Turiaf, Amar’e, Chandler, Fields and Felton. This lineup switches Amar’e back to his prefered position of Power Forward which is not such a big deal to me. What is a big deal to me is Chandler playing at his natural position as Small Forward.

I think its pretty clear that whatever expectations we have placed on Chandler for this season have been eclipsed three-fold. To the point where everyone is questioning who is the better fit. Him or Melo? I prefer not to discuss that argument at this junction.

I do want to be crystal clear on one thing though. We have to find a way to keep Wilson Chandler. Regardless of who or what we acquire. He can be our starter or he can rival any 6th man in the league. That needs to be a priority for Donnie.

The real question at hand is do we need to consider Gallinari becoming our 6th man?

Like i stated earlier, the traditional line up we used last night appeared to correct some of our main issues. Rebounding and Size. Turiaf playing Center brings a toughness we need to start games off on the inside. It also eliminates Chandler being forced to guard bigger Power Forwards night in and night out, which probably used up a good portion of his stamina that we need on the offensive end.

I also think this move would help with the development of Gallinari. He is a borderline starter in this league but I think it would benefit him to go up against opposing teams bench players.

It would build his confidence as I feel he would be one of the better guys off the bench in this league and it would give us some much-needed offensive punch.

I think Gallinari’s passiveness is pretty clear to everyone. Will on the other hand creates his opportunities within the game but still maintains a certain level of aggressiveness that keeps defenses under pressure.  His efficiency has been great and I must admit, I have a way higher level of comfort with the ball in his hands. I think people underestimate his basketball IQ. He does not make many bad decisions.

At this point, I much rather have him take more shots and Gallo take a little less of the offensive load as a starter.

I’m no fool and I don’t want to look at last night’s win as “Fools Gold” as Pat Riley once said. So I am not saying I would make this decision based on one game or one win. I do think it does need some looking at and further evaluating, moving forward.

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