Who is Anthony Randolph?


Soon to turn up on your Milk Cartoon.. NBA Player Missing..

Exactly who is Anthony Randolph?

I have no idea.

I do know he was labeled with the “P” word as in potential when included in the deal that sent David Lee to Golden State.

That “P” word has been both a gift and a curse for many players in this league. Many great players in this league were drafted based on potential. Kevin Garnett might have started the “Potential” frenzy when he was selected by the Timberwolves and developed into an All World NBA Forward.

Potential has been un-kind to many other players in this league. ┬áLenny Cooke for example, one of my all time favorite players to never make it let “Potential” get to his head and decided to act as if he was in the NBA before he actually was.

Sebastain Telfair is another player with potential that never lived up to the exact same word. Omar Cook, Tim Thomas, Dejuan Wagner, Gerald Green, Shaun Livingston, are just some other examples.

So where does that leave Anthony Randolph?

He was the 14th pick by Golden State and got some burn for the Warriors. We know he averaged 11.6 ppg, 6.5 rpg and 1.6bpg in only 22 minutes per game. Thats potential like a motherf*cker if you ask me.

If he had so much potential why was he included in the trade though? Was his statistics just smoke and mirrors? Was he more of a product of a system than a player of potential? That is the confusing part.

We all know we have not seen much of AR-4 on the court. What minutes he did play did not seem encouraging. He looked out-of-place, lost at times. Not involved in the flow of the game. Looking to force his presence on the court rather than finding his game within the game. So I had no questions regarding his minutes or lack of.

I always believed your ability to produce, play hard, and effort in practice resulted in playing time during real games. Not just in the league but on any level. If you cannot perform in practice, you can’t perform in a live setting. I stand by that belief.

Now with Gallo down for probably 2-4 weeks and our bench as thin as paper. I would think they would be some opportunity for a player with potential. Anthony Randolph to be exact. What better timing to give a player an opportunity out of necessity? If he doesn’t play good, we can’t kill Coach D because what options are left on that bench of his? If he does play good, his value will skyrocket and become a valuable trade asset. Or even better, he can become an important piece of the franchise for a bench that is certainly one of the thinnest in the NBA.

Confidence is a huge part of success. Playing looking over your shoulder is hard to do in this league. You become pressurized into trying not to make mistakes which often leads to mistakes. I’m not saying confidence is something AR lacks but if he does, I can understand why. Maybe playing knowing that he will not get pulled at every mis-step because of lack of depth at his position will actually help his game. Help him build up the confidence to play at a high level rather than thinking about how to play.

If Anthony Randolph is in fact in Coach D’s doghouse, we will know for sure over the next few weeks. I can’t imagine any reason for him not playing other than him not deserving to play because of his performance or lack of focus in practice.

Which brings us back to the million dollar question. Who is Anthony Randolph? Will we ever find out?

I don’t know.

But I’d like to find out.

Wouldn’t you?




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