Familiar Foes

For Amar'e, the jersey is different. He would like the outcome of the game to be different too.

The Knicks welcome in the best team in the NBA tonight.

The San Antonio Spurs.

They are familiar foes to Knick fans and to Amar’e Stoudemire.

For Knick fans they are the team that ended a dream playoff run over 10 years ago in the 1999 Finals. The first of 4 NBA Championships for Tim Duncan and his Spurs.

For Amar’e Stoudemire, Tim Duncan has been the player that has stood in his way and prevented him and his then Phoenix Suns from advancing in the post season.

Tim Duncan has also brought the best out of Amar’e. Most notably was the 41 pt & 12 rebound performance back in February, 2010.

Regardless of individual numbers, Timmy has always gotten the best of Stoudemire in the most important category. Wins.

It will be extremely difficult tonight against the Spurs, especially without Gallinari.

Let’s see if Amar’e can find a new result with his new team against a very familiar foe.




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