Allen Iverson: Fallen Star

For those that did not get a chance to read the piece by Robert Huber on Allen Iverson in Philadelphia Magazine.

Excerpt below and the link after the jump.



“The hottest girl in the hottest club, 24 years old. Allen Iverson has already met her. She’s a dead ringer for the character Sloan in Entourage — the same prettiness and almost over-the-top sexiness coupled with sweetness and, I quickly find out, smarts.

Along with her friend, the silent Turk to my right, she went to Iverson’s first game in Istanbul the night before, in a home arena so tiny — it seats 3,200 — she could easily find Iverson’s manager, Gary Moore, and tell him how she studied at Georgetown. Iverson’s school! So Moore naturally invited her to join Iverson and his crew at their post-game haunt, the place where he’s been hanging out with his slightly downsized America-to-Istanbul posse, in this lovely ancient city:
T.G.I. Friday’s.

That’s where Iverson lands every night, for all of his first week in Istanbul.


This is one of the best articles I’ve read on Iverson. It clearly displays what happens when your only skill is playing the game and that skill diminishes.

No analysts job waiting, assistant coaching, front office positions. None of those opportunities for Iverson.

Nobody to blame but himself, sad but true.

A must read if you ask me. Link below.

Allen Iverson: Fallen Star



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One Response to Allen Iverson: Fallen Star

  1. VernonF says:

    Good article. didnt know dude drank it up like that, kinda crazy considering how good he was on the court. all natural talent.

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