Ugly Pace

So this is what Reggie's been up to since retirement.

This is the type of game the Knicks would have lost in the past. Herky-Jerky pace, low scoring and not very pretty. The formula for Knicks losses of Christmas past.

That was before Amare Stoudemire proclaimed “The Knicks are back!” He proved his worth in the 4th quarter when the game was in the balance. Its one of the reasons why he leads the NBA in 4th quarter scoring. He was the go to guy and the difference between a win and a loss.

The Indiana vs Knicks rivalry has been dead since about 2000 but there was some good intense basketball down the stretch.

Besides Amare, nobody had a moving performance. Wilson Chandler struggled early but made some key baskets, Felton was average at best, Turiaf brought his typical hard hat mentality and had some key blocks.

Gallinari was having an impressive game because he decided to drive to the basket more often than settling for jumpers. But his biggest moment of the game will take place in the locker room. Gallinari went down with what could be a serious knee injury. He was carried off the court by teammates. Let’s hope between his young age and a little bit of luck, its nothing too serious.

Those begging for Anthony Randolph to get some burn might have their dreams fulfilled.

Let’s see what reports come out on Gallo’s knee.



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