Bermans Blasphemy

Thats 15 years of Leadership right there

Marc Berman has a piece today in the New York Post which overall is a very positive piece about the Knicks and the direction in which they are headed.

He believes like many that the Knicks are headed to the playoffs this April. Mainly in part to the leadership skills and play of Amare Stoudemire. I don’t think anyone can disagree.

Where he loses me is when he takes an unwarranted and incorrect shot at ex-Knick great Patrick Ewing:

“That’s Amar’e! The qualities he brings could mean he has as much of an impact — if not more — on the franchise as Patrick Ewing, who was never a great leader. The only attributes Ewing had on Stoudemire were rebounding skill and durability.”

I know Patrick Ewing was the media’s whipping boy during most of his career here in New York but I thought that trick became old after he left. It has been pretty apparent what the Knickshave been since 2000 A.E. (*After Ewing)

Patrick may have never been the visual leader than someone like Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant but make no mistake he was a leader on this team and on the Georgetown Hoyas before he became a pro.

Being a leader is more than showing emotion on the court and calling out your teammates publically when needed. Tell me Tim Duncan is not a leader? He had a similar demeanor as Patrick Ewing. Sure, TD has a nice collection of jewelery to go along with his soft-spoken and robotic personality on the court. Regardless of that, both of them were and are leaders for their team.

Leaders come in all shapes and forms when it comes to leadership. Some are outspoken and in your face. Some will lead you with a arm around your shoulder. Some leaders offer direction but allow you to learn from your own mistakes. But one thing all leaders do is lead by example. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, giving 110% effort 100% of the time, ability to shoulder the blame for failure and praise others for success, and always ready to accept a challenge.

Patrick Ewing was arguably the greatest player in Knicks history, A proven Warrior, Under-appreciated perhaps because he never delivered a championship, but definitely a Leader for 15 years as a Knick.

Let’s embrace our newest leader, Amar’e Carsares Stoudemire without disrespecting our previous one.





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2 Responses to Bermans Blasphemy

  1. How can you make a judgement about someones leadership skills after barely two months of a season?! Can Amare win a playoff series before we beging to lionize him?

    I’ll tell you the truth, if i’m starting a frnchise I’ll take Patrick over Amare because I realize that defense wins championships and from what i’ve seen of Amare he’s definatley an offense-first player.

  2. ELGINDOTCOM says:

    It amazes me how 2 months of leadership from Amare allowed Berman to give him the leadership crown over Patrick.

    I will say that Amare has brough a defensive intensity to the team that I did not think he was capable of.

    So although, yes. He is offense first. His defense has been very good.

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