Zekes Daily Picks

0-3 last night. Last time I let Donnie Walsh make picks for me.

Last night did not go so well. I was left on a donut. 0-3. I obviously missed the bus in picking the Mavs without Dirk. I picked the Knicks with my heart and not my brain and I dunno how the Blazers beat Utah but they did.

Let’s see what I can do to get back on track.

New Jersey Nets vs Chicago Bulls – If you know me, you know how I feel about the Nets. A spread of a million is too short. So 9 points means nothing to me. – Bulls

Washington Wizards vs Indiana Pacers – Pacers are favored by 4.5 points. I know Washington is playing better since the trade but I’ll take Indy. – Pacers

Golden State Warriors vc Charlotte Hornets – This is another pick ’em based on it being a 1 points spread. I want Oakley to win as a coach but unless he can get on the court and foul Monta Ellis, I got Golden State. – Warriors

New Orleans Hornets vs Boston Celtics – Celtics are favored by 6. No KG but I think they still win. – Celtics

Toronto Raptors vs Houston Rockets – I hate 8.5 spreads on games like this. I don’t think Houston is very good despite their good play recently. I’ll take Toronto to loss but by less than 9. – Raptors

Atlanta Hawks vs Oklahoma City Thunder – OKC is favored by 4 points. I think they can cover it. They have been in  a funk as of late but I believe they will want to start off 2k11 with a win in 2k10. – Thunder

Detroit Pistons vs Phoenix Suns – The Suns are favored by 6 points. Detroit just emptied their gun against the Celtics. Unless Tracy McGrady been sipping at the fountain of youth and shared some with Rip Hamilton, the Suns win by 7+. -Suns

Philadelphia 76ers vs Los Angeles Lakers – LA is favored by 10. 10 point spreads are historically impossible to cover. Unless your playing the 76ers. – Lakers



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