Will The Real Gallo Please Stand Up

Gallo needs more Fire & Desire. RIP Teena Marie

I like Danilo Gallinari. I

 thought he was going to be our best young talent on the team going into 2010-2011. 

He has shown his ability to be that young talent during stretches this year but not enough. He is our ultimate X-Factor. As much as Amare & Raymond are the engine and transmission to our team. Gallo is the the Turbo Booster in our offense, or at least he needs to be. We are counting on him to do so. We need him to be successful for us to be successful. We cannot beat the Tier A teams without his contributions on offense and yes, defense too.

Gallo has the reputation by the casual fan as a shooter. The guy who sits out there and waits for an open shot. Anyone who follows the team knows his ability is head and shoulders above that description.

I’ve seen the dribble drive, the pumpfakes, the reverse lay-ups, the dunks, the ability to get to the free throw line,  and even the ability to stay in front of players in this league as talented as Carmelo Anthony and draw offensive charges.  Problem is, we do not see enough of it. Why?

Is he to passive? Lack the confidence? Is it coaching?

That is the million dollar question. I don’t have the answer or I would be a millionaire.

The Knicks and Gallinari need to work on finding the answer and sharing it with the fans. Before the season started, I though he was our most valuable young asset. We surely cannot give him that title with the great play of Landry Fields and the break-out year Wilson Chandler is having.

I don’t want to play divide and conquer amongst teammates but Gallo has to find a way to capture those brilliant moments he has had and make them sustainable and repeatable. He has to be want to be better than Wilson Chandler. He has to want to make Knicks fans think less about Carmelo Anthony. He has to show us he understands how important he is to this team and has the confidence in his own ability.

That is the only way Danilo Gallinari and the Knicks can take the next step.



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