The Magical Kingdom

Let's hope Superman stays in the phonebooth tonight. I rather face Clark Kent.

We are in Orlando tonight but this is not a family vacation. It’s all business.

Orlando made moves that were criticized by most of the media/bloggers/fans. I was not one of them. I felt they were floundering and needed to do something. Firing the coach was not an option because I think everyone knows SVG is a good coach.

A shake-up trade was just what was needed. So far it has worked. They beat the SPurs and Celtics in back to back contest and are appearing to jell. 

Orlando has the biggest of big men in the league in Dwight Howard. Luckily for us, the Magic players do a better job of taking D-12 out of the offense than we can ask our defense to do. They will go spurts on offense of ill-advised 3 after ill-advised 3 and treat D-12 as the second coming of Dikembe Mutombo rather than Shaquille O’Neal.

That works to our advantage, as long as those 3’s don’t fall at a high success rate.

This should be an entertaining game to watch from a fans perspective. Both teams like to push the ball and take a lot of three-point shots. Orlando does have one of the best defensive anchors in the game in Dwight, so it will be interesting to see how effective we can be in the paint.

Amare should be able to find his way to 30 points in this game based on the fact that Howard or Bass cannot play 48 minutes each. They are thin on the inside.

Defensively we need to force their shooters into become slashers. Turkoglu, Richardsons, Arenas and Reddick have no problem spotting up and firing at will. Leave them as little space as possible and force them to put it on the floor.

I would not double team Dwight Howard unless he gets on a serious roll offensively. He has gotten better with his back to the basket and the bank shot on face up play but he is not there yet.

Take your chances with him 1 on 1, control the shooters and pick and roll them to death since their defensive strength is in the paint and not the perimeter.

Let’s pull some tricks out our own bag against the Magic.



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