Zekes Daily Picks

Bet ya rings on it!

So last night I scored on 4 out of my 6 picks. Not bad.  I missed on the Knicks vs Heat and the Bucks vs Chicago. Let’s see what we got going on tonight.

Indiana Pacers vs Washington Wizards – Indiana is favored by 2 points. Most NBA games are won by at least 3 points so taking Indiana is a pretty logical pick – Pacers

Golden State Warriors vs Atlanta Hawks – Atlanta is favored by 7.5 points. This match up is pretty exciting. Both teams like to get up and down the court. Right now Golden State has one of the best gunners in the game in Monta Ellis. I say Golden State wins or loses by less than 8. – Warriors

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Charlotte Bobcats – Besides the fact that Charles Oakley is on the bench, I have 0 interest in this game. I think Charlotte will win but not sure if by 8 points. – Cavaliers

Boston Celtics vs Detroit Pistons – Boston is favored by 7.5 points. I expect they might win by 80 points. – Celtics

New Jersey Nets vs Oklahoma City Thunder – I can’t stand the Nets. They could be playing Westchester County Community College and be given 9 points. I’d still pick WCC. – Thunder.

Los Angeles Lakers vs New Orleans Hornets – Hornets are being given 2 points. Big deal. This is another pick ’em. Lakers bounce back with a W tonight. – Lakers

Denver Nugggets vs Minesotta Timberwolves – Denver is favored by 2.5. They should win by more than 3. Melo or not. – Nuggets

Miami Heat vs Houston Rockets – Why were the Heat favored by 8 points against the Knicks but only 3 against the Rockets? Something does not add up. Easy money. – Heat

Philadelphia 76ers vs Phoenix Suns – This is the tricky game on the schedule. 76ers are given 6.5 points. They are a gritty team unless getting blown out by 50 at the hands of Chicago. I still will take the Phoenix. – Suns

Memphis Grizzlies vs Sacramento Kings – I should edit my comments above. This is really the tricky game. Grizzlies are favored by 5. It’s a crap shoot but I’m going with Sacramento. – Kings

Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Clippers – Utah by only 2 points? Really? Doing this section of my blog could really make me place a bet. I mean 2 points? The Jazz can’t beat the Clipps by more than 2 points? C’mon. – Jazz



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