Sing for the Moment

We here at dont hide our affinity for black head coaches and general managers.  We understand the extra scrutiny these men face in contrast to their white counterparts. It’s why Larry Bird still has an NBA job and King Zeke is working in florida at some no name basketball school. In this case though no matter how much I would like to use that excuse it just doesn’t apply.

So I would like to be the first to say that the firing of Mike Singletary is just and deserved.  We all appreciate the fire and passion for the game he played with and later exhibited as a coach but in order to win at this level you must have some working knowledge of x and o’s.

He was hired at a time when the team needed an attitude adjustment from the soft style of Mike Nolan and in his first season it seemed like a good idea as the team finished 5-4 under Singletary. He soon became known more for his outbursts (which included dropping his pants in front of his team to illustrate a point) then winning.  Playing in a weak NFC West there is no reason that the Niners shouldn’t have made the playoffs at least once during his tenure.

His sideline antics had become unbearable and it culminated on sunday with this public spat with Troy Smith (see above). A friend of mine RekkaPryde said he doesn’t care if Mike was brown,blue, or orange he was a terrible coach and needed to go but the root of the Niners problems started 8 years ago way before Singletary was named head coach.  So while I agree he didn’t do a great job he isn’t responsible for Alex Smith being the franchise quarterback or a lack of any good players in the secondary.

We here at wish Coach Singletary well and hope he gets another shot as a head coach in the league but his time in the BAY had to end because of his poor record and lack of people skills. So yes for once a black coach was fired fairly and SNIGGAH can admit it

Yall Happy NOW lol

Till next time Sniggah loves yall (pause) and so does ZEKE

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