Kobe gives out W’s for Christmas

Tis The Season To Be Winning

The biggest gift is not always the best. That proved true yesterday when the Miami Heat played the Los Angeles Lakers.

This game has been promoted since the schedule was announced. It was supposed to be Clash Of The Titans, Rocky vs Drago, Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader but what we got was more like Space Balls than Star Wars.

The Miami Heat trailed at one point 4-8 but that was as close as the Lakers got to playing Grinch yesterday. The Miami Heat controlled every part of the game from there on out. Only highlight for the Lakers was Ron Artest putting Lebron in a head-lock which resulted in ‘Bron ‘Bron losing his headband and showed the world what he’s been hiding. A hairline that is running further and further away from his fore-head every day.

No need to panic if you’re a Laker fan. The Lakers usually give alway wins on Christmas in exchange for Championships in June. Good deal if you ask me.



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2 Responses to Kobe gives out W’s for Christmas

  1. Chris Ross says:

    I thought the Heat showed a lot on Christmas and even though it was the close game I was hoping for it was still intriguing. The Heat showed they could hang with the big boys and overcome their deficiencies that people keep talking about. The Lakers up-front did not dominant like they were supposed to be able to. The Heat are finally looking like a real team, which I guess goes to show that you do have to give even great players some time to form some chemistry.


  2. ELGINDOTCOM says:

    Definitely agree. I do think Miami’s front line can prove to be there achilles heel come playoff time. It should make for some great playoffs.

    Nice blog btw.

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