Gil’ing ‘Em Softly


G2K.. Gots Ta Be!


The Streak Stoppers Tour continued yesterday in Orlando yesterday as the Magic stopped the Boston Celtics 14th game win streak.

I know Gilbert Arenas shot 2-9 and scored 5 points but if you don’t think the teams win had anything to do with Gilbert, your sadly mistaken.

Gilbert is a secret agent. He was Agent Zero in DC. Now he is going undercover in Orlando. He might appear to be on the bench not playing. Or he might appear to be missing shots. But he’s not.  His misses are makes. When he looks like he is on the bench, he is actually in the game disguised as Jason Richardson or Jameer Nelson.

Gilbert is on his Steven Seagal sh*t right now. “Hard To Gil”

I have plenty names for Gilbert. Right know I’m going to run with “Gil-Matic” because he is also about to do a Nas on the NBA.  Just when you think he’s finished, he will drop some Ether on the league.





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