The Knicks Of Christmas Past..

A Knicks win in the stocking!

There have been many memorable games played on Christmas Day by our New York Knicks. Some we will never forget, some we will want to never remember.

I looked all over YouTube for some nice footage. Let’s hope tomorrows game ends the same way it did in 1986. With a win!

Video’s after the jump….

* I could not find the Knicks / Indiana game from 1999 where I believe Kurt Thomas  punched Jalen Rose in the head while in transition up court. Knicks lost this game 101 to 90.

** I also could not find the 2001 game between New York & Toronto. I was at this game, Allan Houston dropped 34 and we got a win.  I can remember being so paranoid about going because of the recent 9/11 attacks.  Me and my best friend @joecritic were scanning the crowd for anyone looking suspicious.



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