Catch Him While You Can?

He is already reppin' our city!

I just finished listening to Chris Broussard on 1050 ESPN.

He was discussing the Carmelo Anthony situation and the deal that can send him to either New York or New Jersey.

My original stance was in agreement with most people where I feel it would be counter-productive to mortgage the house of young talent in order to land Melo.

I am beginning to question myself as Broussardmade many good points.
Are we delusional in thinking a combination of Landry Fields, Chandler or Gallo and Randolph might be too much to give up in exchange for Carmelo Anthony?
Broussard made the point that NBA Superstars are hard to come by while role players can be filled in a lot easier.

He also felt that the best thing to happen to the Knicks was the blowout against Miami because it opened our eyes to the reality of our team. We are a “5th or 6th seed at best”  but if we land Carmelo Anthony “we are in contention for the next 5 years”.

I personally feel myself starting to flip sides. I am not saying I am 100% sold on the idea of trading away it all to Land Carmelo but I surely do not want to find ourself in a similar situation to the New York Yankees and the potential Cliff Lee signing. I still do not believe he will accept a trade to NJ but god forbid he does. That would be disastrous.

I know our young guys are looking good but Broussard again made an interesting point that “The systemD’Antoni runs makes your role players look better than they are. It is a system that makes players look good.” Raja Bell and Boris Diaw are two players who came to mind that are role players but looked like a lot more under Coach D.

Is Broussard right? Do we put whatever combination of talent that Denver requests to land Carmelo? or am I justfalling for the Melo bluff?

Speak on it.


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One Response to Catch Him While You Can?

  1. thekid10705 says:

    NYC needs ‘Melo and he’s coming. It’s already scripted in Stern’s masterpiece plus it makes perfect sense between La La, the ‘Cuse alumni, Amare’ and #1 the biggest market in the country.

    As for who do we give up, that’s were it can get interesting. Gallo isn’t going anywhere. First off he’s D’Antoni’s paisan, and secondly, NY and The Garden loves there token “white guy”. Ill Will is a tremendous talent but he isn’t Carmelo. Randolph, smell ya’ later, definitely throw in Curry and although it will hurt, if Denver wants Landry, then sorry pal, it’s only business.

    In a perfect world, if we could squeeze Nene (ex Knick) and Ty Ty Lawson in the mix we’d be chilling. Hopefully, he comes just in time for Christmas!

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