Witness.. Impossible Is Nothing!

I can say I have seen the impossible.

I have seen something that will be talked about for many years to come.

I saw The Philadelphia Eagles pull the soul out of The New York Giants and every fan inside their stadium.

And I saw it in-person, 14 rows back from the field. Section 121, row 14, Seat B.

I originally had planned to go to this game with 3 of my best friends. Two of us would have been rooting for the Eagles, the other 2 for the Giants. Those plans never came to fruition.

What did happen was one of those friends did come up with a pair of tickets and was kind enough to invite me. Keep in mind, he is a die-hard Giants fan. Friendship is a beautiful thing.

I joked with him early in the day about “This is going to be a great game. Only bad thing is one of us is going to be mad at the end of the day.” Early on it appeared I was going to be that one.

When I go to Football games in opposing teams stadiums, I really make it a point not to be “geared up” in Eagles apparel because I don’t want to deal with the drunken idiots and their beer muscles.  I’ve seen some stupid things in my time and it amazes me the behavior that takes place in these stadiums.

I honestly feel like there are two types of people who go to these games. One is the real fan who wants to see his team win. The other is the idiot that uses the football game as a tool to get wasted and make a complete moron out of themselves. Unfortunately, the latter always seem to stand out. NFL Football games seem like a cesspool for degenerates. And boy were they in effect yesterday.

Everyone knows how this game started out. The Giants defense was like a pair of vice-grip pliers wrapped around Michael Vick and the Eagles offense. Before the half ended, I felt like we could still win the game. That was until that fumble that lead to another 7 points for the Giants going into the half. 24-3 Giants.

I was walking to the bathroom thinking. “Man, what a f*cked up weekend for me. Knicks loss on Friday, Knicks loss on Saturday, Bernard Hopkins gets robbed, and now the Eagles are getting disgraced…ugh!” I was thinking about all the Facebook messages and Tweets that were looming in my future. Luckily my phone was off because for some reason my battery died. I was currently excused from any taunts.

In the bathroom, Giants idiocy was in full effect. I was standing in line waiting to do what you do in a restroom and there was a guy next to me in a Vick jersey.  Some moron gets in his face and starts yelling “VICK SUCKS! F*CK THE EAGLES!” perfect example of beer muscles. Who gets in a strangers face and does this? Its like the rules of life don’t apply at a football game. Usually someone gets they ass kicked for that. The dude with the Vick jersey calmly looked at him and popped his collar literally and says “Vick got something for yall in the second half, I promise.” Even I thought that was delusional. “NO F*CKING WAY! NOT THIS GAME BRO! YOUR DONE!” was the response, followed by. “Ok, watch and see.”

I could not help but think of that incident throughout the second half. I have this superstition about pre-mature celebration. And man, this Giant fans were pre-mature as a 5 month old baby. There was one drunken fool 2 rows in front of me who felt compelled to turn around after every Giant play and eye-ball every Eagle fan in the vicinity. Like he just made the play on the field. More about him later.

As the second half started, we did not look much better. In the 4th Quarter trailing 24-10 We made a nice play, fumble, recovered by the Giants, boom. 7 more points. A majority of Eagle fans left the building at this point. Game over.

Then something special happened.

A sloppy touch down to Brad Celeck which was one of the slowest touchdown runs in the history of Western Civilization. 14-31.

On-side kick and recovered by Eagles. Wow! My boy said to me while walking into the stadium ” I got a feeling Andy Reid is going to pull a trick play today. I don’t know why but I do.” Talk about prophecy.

After the recovery I mentioned to my friend that if we are going to score it needs to be with the legs not the arm of Michael Vick. Vick surely agreed. He went vintage Vick on them. I mean, Atlanta Vick. That ” I don’t need teammates to score” Vick.  24-31.

You can feel the tension in the air. Giants fans felt like something bad was about to happen. That idiot in front of me? He did not want to turn around for anything. GOOD!

Eagles D’ up and get the ball back. Now you want to see some sad-looking individuals. Man, you should have seen the people in this stadium. They looked like children who had to go home and show they bad report card to their parents. They felt it coming.

Another Vick scramble, and a touchdown pass to the Macman. Tied ball game, bitches.

My friend says to me “We about to win this game. Game winning drive!” I turned to him and said “Yall gonna mess around and give us the ball back.” He looked at me with the glazed eyes of a boxer who just went 12 rounds with Clubber Lang. He was trying to remain confident but it was just hope.

Incomplete, Incomplete, SACK.

All of a sudden, I thought of that dude with the Vick jersey on in the bathroom and the idiot who taunted him. Where were both at right now? I replayed the conversation in my head. Pre-mature celebration victim # 1,345,671,019. It never fails.

At this point I let everyone in the vicinity know “We about to see something special! AC-TION JACK-SON!” 12 seconds left.

Jackson catches the pass but fumbles it only to recover. Now if you ask me, that is how he made it to the end zone. That fumble, bobble or whatever threw off the defense and made them pause. He picked it up and did what is so hard to do. Beat a team down field and score. Never mind doing it under these circumstances and in this situation. OH MY GOD!

You could hear a pin-drop in the stadium. People were frozen in time like Han Solo inside a block of Carbonite. The fans just got Ethered, They soul burned slow.

I was besides myself. I could not believe what I just witnessed. Its impossible.

It is the type of story that if it happened in a movie you would say “Thats bullshit. That would never happen in real life.” Well, it did. I was there. I was part of history.

And the best part, I was there thanks to a Giants fan.

Friendship is great.

Impossible Is Nothing!




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