To Do Or Not To Duhon

Credible? Probably not but nothing else going on.









Read a tweet today from @FisolaNYDN about The Knicks having the opportunity to trade Turiaf for Duhon.

I do not favor this trade at all. Not because I do not think Duhon can be a favorable back up but because of the toughness Turiaf brings.

Now if we could trade Randolph for Duhon, I’d do that deal. Especially if it does not have any significant salary cap repercussions.

If you remember Duhon’s stint with us, he played very well for the first half of the season but then wore down. That is because he was not used to being a starter and we asked him to be more than what he was capable of .

If he was a backup PG off the bench for us, I’d think it would be perfect. He’s a decent shooter, very high basketball IQ and was great at the pick and roll for us.

He’s having a god awful year thus far though. So it can be a gamble but if considering what Randolph has done thus far, it might be at worse case a lateral move.

That is unless you really believe you can get a first round pick for Randolph. I personally find it hard to believe but anything is possible.






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One Response to To Do Or Not To Duhon

  1. VaporsNyc says:

    We can get more for Randolph than just Duhon so it would be a waste….I like Turiaf aswell He is a good fit….Melo!

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