Game Of The Night

Hello! We've been winning some games too!










There is definitely some must see TV going on this evening.

Monday Night Football? Perhaps. I might tune in just to see if someone freezes during the game.

The real game tonight is the Dallas Mavericks vs The Miami Heat. Miami’s winning streak has been forced down our through via every media outlet this side of Ms. Cleo.

Meanwhile, The Dallas Mavericks have been doing some winning of their own. At 21-5 and they have 3 fewer losses than the Heat.

It should definitely make for some good TV on what is usually a boring Monday night for basketball.

Tip-off is @ 7:30pm on NBATV.










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4 Responses to Game Of The Night

  1. VaporsNyc says:

    billionaire ! …Mavericks become quiet around may/june ….similar to the eagles in jan ha!

  2. elgindotcom says:

    What happened last time Giants & Eagles played in post season? Yup!

  3. VaporsNyc says:

    I hope we play the Eagles in the Playoffs ….If you dont think both teams are evenly matched ur sick in your brain….the Giants coaching staff is horrible smh

  4. ELGINDOTCOM says:

    Evenly matched where? Your defense is better than ours. But our offense is better than your defense! 28 points in 7 minutes!

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