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I know this is primarily a Knicks blog. I am passionate about three sports. Basketball, Football and Boxing. In that order.

After the Knicks game last night, I was lucky enough to be reminded by Stephen A. Smith via Twitter that Bernard Hopkins (51-5-2) was fighting Jean Pascal (26-1-1) and  it was on Showtime.

What better way to forget about the last 2 1/2 hours of Knick misfortune.

The fight started off really shaky for B-Hop. He got knocked down twice and the fight began to resemble Larry Holmes vs Muhammad Ali.  The new young champion vs the old all time great who had one fight too many.

For those that don’t know boxing. Bernard Hopkins is all world in my book. He has fought every one you put in front of him. He has the heart of a lion. But he is old. Very old by boxers age. He is 45 years old!

His opponent tonight was Jean Pascal. I will admit I do not know much about Jean Pascal. He is a champion but with so many belts nowadays I question the validity of the word “World Champion”.

What I do know about Jean is that he is 18 years younger than Bernard Hopkins! 18 years younger! To put it in perspective, that would be like Patrick Ewing playing against Amare Stoudamire.

B-Hop was pushed around the first 3 rounds or so but then gathered himself and dominated Pascal for the rest of the fight. This was not your typical fight by Hopkins. Hopkins is greatly known for his technical boxing clinics. They are not considered “exciting fights” by your casual fan because of the lack of big swings and massive exchanges of punches.

Last nights fight was just the opposite. He was chasing around Pascal and letting his hands fly. In the 12th round both fighters stood toe to toe and exchanged punches like it was the last fight of their careers. The 45 year old Bernard Hopkins looked like it was the first round in terms of energy and stamina. While the younger Pascal looked exhausted. His body language said “What The Hell Did I Get Myself Into?” I’m sure he had no expected this type of fight from a 45 year old. Never mind, potentially losing to him.

The refs came back with a draw. At first I said I could see how it was a draw because of the two knockdowns Pascal scored. But after further analyst. B-Hop won this fight. He controlled it. He was the aggressor. He beat Pascal both mentally and physically. He also lead all statistical categories. B-Hop got B-Robbed.

Not the first time in boxing, sure will not be the last.

It might be the last time we see a fighter like Bernard Hopkins though. They dont come around very often. He is special.







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