3 Steps Forward, 2 Steps Back

Easily one of the most annoying players in the league.








Lets forget about the games against Boston & Miami for a second.

The Knicks have done very well this year against the teams they are supposed to beat. That is completely opposite of what we have seen the last 10 years because The Knicks have not been able to beat ANYBODY.

Even the great Knick teams of the 90’s struggled against lesser competition. They felt compelled to play down to the level of the competition. This is the NBA and occasionally a sub .500 team will be an elite team in this league.

Case in point, The Los Angeles Lakers lost three in a row this year. I do not see any mass suicides taking place in the City Of Angels.

So although I wanted to Bernie Madoff Jr. myself after last nights game.  Today I have a different outlook. I try not to write pieces right after the game like last night because it does not allow me to put things into proper perspective and all I am doing is writing based on emotion and not thought process and true analyst.

I do feel like ever since I wrote this piece our offense has sputtered like an engine with a bad spark plug.

Too much one on one play, standing around on offense jacking up long jumpshots, not enough cutting to the basket, and Amare is getting the ball in situations similar to the first 10 games of the season.

I know our defense has not been great, good might even be a stretch in terms of one on one defense. But if I see another player go under on the screen when guarding a qualified shooter, I am going to either rip my tv off the wall and smash it or throw my Mac out a window and set it on fire. (Remember, I have DishNetwork and am currently forced to watch the games via internet) I cannot tolerate this lazy approach on defense. It really makes me nuts.

Good thing for us is we have 3 days off between this loss. This is good for two reasons.

1. It allows this loss to resonate with the team. I think they maybe drank the kool aid that the media was mixing. They might have become complacent and felt they have arrived. They have not arrived. They are on the bus driving in the right direction but the destination is many miles away.

2. It gives us 3 days to study film and practice. D’Antoni needs to show them some video of the games during the 6 game loss streak and footage of the 8 game win streak. Compare them to what they did last night. Have to get back to moving the ball on offense and getting Amare the ball in the right spot. Pick N Roll execution is key and has slipped the last 2 games. Tighten up the defense (if possible) and get commit to keeping guards out the paint.

We do those things and I think we can get back on track. We got one helluva schedule coming up and my goal is just to stay at .500 over that  stretch.  We do that and we will be in good position for a post All-Star Game Playoff Push.



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