The Knicks? Beat Us? HAHAHA!

Tonight’s game was much more than third degree sun burn by the Miami Heat. It was an intensive care first degree scorching. Damn near fatal.

The Knicks have been playing better ball than any of us anticipated thus far this season. The Knicks are a good team. The Heat are just better. And it showed.

Kudos go Coach Spoestra who was figured to be fired by now but he has weathered the storm and for the time being has Pat Riley sitting comfortably in his office not looking for Eric’s shoulder.

Coach Spoestra mentioned at the half that some adjustments were needed. He said they needed to pack the paint and defend inward first, outward second. They did just that. Excellent call. Our problem was D’Antoni did a pitiful job at making an adjustment to how we were being defended. If there is one knock on Coach D throughout his career it has been his ability to adjust to opposition. He appears to only know how to coach one way and will force those beliefs regardless of the outcome after each possession. That definitely needs to change.

Everything I felt the Knicks needed to do or would do became just the opposite.

Chris Bosh out played Amare despite their numbers being similar and Amare out rebounding Bosh. Bosh was efficient and played within the system. Amare never got to flex his muscle and become a presence due to the excellent defensive effort by Joel Anthony.  I personally think it might have had something to do with the side of Joel Anthony forehead. That had to be a distraction for Amare. It must have been like playing against a mirror, that dudes forehead is monstrous.

Raymond Felton appeared a step slow with a sore wrist and really made zero impact.  Wilson Chandler played OK. The Knicks bench was pretty much non-existent. They might as well let Spike Lee suit up. Gallinari played a brilliant first half but left his game in the locker room.

Lebron James was as perfect as you could be. He had it going early and often. Late and frequent. He did the damn thing. So did his Robin, Dwayne Wade.  Or is Lebron Robin? Either way, both of them answered the challenge and came to play. They turned MSG into their personal playground. Something I knew we could not allow if we wanted to win.

To be honest though, The Celtic loss hurt a lot more than this one. We lost to a better team. End of story.

I’m sure everyone will be going into “Trade For Carmelo Now!” crisis mode. I’m not one of them.

Do we need Carmelo? Sure. Do we need to trade everyone for him now that we lost two in a row? No. I say we stick to our guns and do what we wanted to do 2 games ago. We can’t be so wishy-washy with every winning/losing streak.

We are a good team. Not a great team, YET.

Now let’s get a win in Cleveland.





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