Playing With House Money

Relax with the Melo trade demands. Step Away from the window.

For everyone who is in panic mode and wants to press the “Melo” button by any means necessary. I  suggest you put down the AK-47 and step away from the window.

Might I remind you we are 16-11. Five games over .500. If the playoffs started today we would be the 6th seed.

Boston, Miami, Chicago, Orlando and Atlanta have better records than us. I could make the case that the only team we are close to being better than is Atlanta and they are .5 better than us in the standings.

That is reality. And it’s not a bad thing. This is progress. More than we anticipated. So despite the two losses we just suffered, we are still ahead in the game. We are playing with house money.

Let’s look a little deeper. If we did not suffer that 6 game losing streak and say we went .500 over those 6 games. We would be 19-8. That is pretty darn good. Especially considering where we were last year.

Progression is about steps. You do not go from down right awful to the NBA’s Elite in 27 games. It would be like starting a diet today and expect to be 25 pounds lighter by the end of the week. You have to lose weight pound by pound, week by week. The same thing for Our Knickerbockers. Game by Game, Win by Win and sometimes Loss by Loss.

By tonight we will know which Knickerbocker team we have. The one we seen over the last 14 games or the one that has teased us over the last 10 years only with some winning streaks that were followed by equal or worse losing streaks.

I for one believe we are a new team and those days are in the past. We will win tonight in Cleveland.

You can't lose what is not yours. We ahead of the game right now.




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3 Responses to Playing With House Money

  1. Real Talk says:

    “Let’s look a little deeper. If we did not suffer that 6 game losing streak and say we went .500 over those 6 games. We would be 19-8. That is pretty darn good” This was funny and made no sense at all! Hawks are definitely better than Knicks and the Pacers are as well. Hawks beat the Knicks this year already 99-90.

    Knicks are looking clearly at the 8th spot with out injury, they better hope to get Carmelo, they have to give up either Gallo non D or passing the ball ass, or Wilson no personality Chandler + 1 or 2 more.

    This next 10 game stretch will show who the Knicks really are, either a team who can compete and win games over playoff teams, or a lottery team bully.


  2. ELGINDOTCOM says:

    Moe, The Nets looked good last night against Toronto.

    • Real Talk says:

      lol Elgin thanks, We looking to get a nice lottery pick for our move to Brooklyn. We are way under that cap and good pieces in place. We will be competitive again real soon.

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