I was supposed to write this after the game last night but I got sidetracked when I stopped at a bar on 5th and 29th to drink away the pain from the much hyped Knicks vs Heat game.  The following is my recap of the game and the night in a whole.  May my lord Zeke protect me from anything that is said that will offend.

I drive to the garden and park in my usual spot at 6:50 very excited to see the game. As I enter the garden I notice the energy is crazy. It was very crowded and people were eager to get inside for the introduction of the starting lineups. As I made my way to my seat the national anthem was being sung. In the middle of the anthem a group of fans shouted out “Lets go Knicks”  which drew a laugh out of me but the scorn of some patriotic knick fans #kanyeshrug

The lineups are finally introduced and when its time for Lebron the boo’s rained down like a Zeke trey against the bulls in 88.  Once the pomp and circumstance was over and the game begin it was clear to me this would not end well for our Knicks. The Heat were able to get any shot they wanted whenever they wanted. The game plan was to attack our lack of size with Bosh getting plenty touches guarded by Wilson Chandler.  On offense we struggled to get baskets in the half court unless it was a Gallo three. When the Knicks ran they had some success but watching it live I never really thought this was a game they would win.

So I’m sitting there depressed and contemplating walking out mid first quarter. Then I remembered how much I paid for my seat so I reconsidered. Next to me was this spanish couple who kept clapping when Arroyo scored.  Fast forward to the horrific third quarter and finally some excitement. In front of me was this couple who were sitting there enjoying the game drinking beers. I’m gonna call the guy Messier because he looked like this 

so these young guys obviously drunk walk by and start heckling Messier by chanting “ass hole” “ass hole”.  Messier keeps drinking his beer and ignores them but five minutes later they come back and Messier jumps over the rail like a ninja. He throws his hands up and tries to fight both guys and its on. Despite being outnumbered he holds his own as it becomes apparent none of these guys really wanna fight and are waiting for security to come. Messier’s girlfriend jumps over the rail and tries to break it up. As she stands between them the young guy throws his beer on Messier. Finally security comes and escorts them out to cheers from our section.

Oh and the Knicks lost the game 113 to whatever

As I leave the garden and make that long trek to my car I realize that we are a few pieces from being a very good team. We definitely need a big and another consistent scorer who can help Amare when he is hung over from hanging out or fucking Amber Rose.

Thats all folks as always keep zeke in your heart and your minds.


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