Foul Shots.. Latest Edition.

Sterling vs Davis

This is a first. Clippers owner David Sterling has been heckling Baron Davis during home Clipper games. “Your out of shape”, “Why are you in the game?” and “Why did you take that shot?” are some of the qoutables floating around. I’m sure this is not going to help the Clipps when it comes time to recruiting free agents.  Who wants to play for that owner?



Coach Shanahan has announced that he is benching Donovan McNabb in favor of Rex Grossman for this Sundays game. Talk about a head scratcher.  Sure McNabb has had a rocky season.  But Rex Grossman? Really? And why did they sign McNabb to that extension? Safe to assume DMC will be out of D.C. after this season.  I predict he ends up in a Vikings uniform.



Trade me? Who cares, I smell like crisp money!

The only thing more amazing than the contract Orlando Magic gave Rashard Lewis is the fact that another team is considering taking it on. Orland and Washington are having discussions which center around a Gilbert Arenas and Rashard Lewis swap. This trade is a situation when both teams feel the need to do something, anything.  Wizards want to move past the Gilbert era and Orlando is hoping to shake some things up by bringing in Gilbert. I think Gilbert still has something left in the tank but don’t see  Orlando as a good fit. Oh well. Atleast they both rich.




Broken Ankle, no crossover.

Yao Ming has requested to change his name to Ow Ming. The Houston Rockets Center has suffered yet another injury.  It appears Yao’s own body is his biggest enemy. Its pretty clear he cannot support his own weight under NBA conditions.  This probably will and should be his last go at it. No knock on Yao, he seems like a great guy. Injuries are sometimes unavoidable. Get well Soon, Yao!


How much is that puppy in the window?


Michael Vick wants to buy a dog but cannot due to Judge’s orders as part of his probation. This is just silly to me.  Do you think Michael Vick is going to buy a dog for his family only to torture it or feed it gun powder? Are we afraid he will “relapse” into the world of dog fighting? SMH.. Let him get a dog for his family. Gimme a break. I’d personally like to see Mike Vick wear a German Shepard fur coat to a press conference just to piss off the pyschos at PETA.





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