Hyped About The Heat?

Unless its this Heat team showing up, its not personal.

I am personally not hyped about Lebron’s visit to Madison Square Garden.

So much is being made about this game, its like he played for the Knicks and this is his return game. The other angle being tossed around is how he stood up the Knicks, like he was obligated to sign with us.

At the end of the day, he decided to take his talents to South Beach over the Mecca. End of story. No hard feelings, no ill-will, no death threats, no burning jerseys. None of that. He’s a great player and I wish him the most success.

Except tonight.

I am excited about playing the Heat for the reasons every Knick fan should be. It will be another litmus test for the Knicks which will factor in determining exactly how good this team is and can be.

I personally felt the hardest game for us out of “Dream Week” was the Boston Celtics because of their size and physicality up front. Both O’Neals did not play which did help Amare put up another out of this world performance.

I am wondering if and when he will return to meer mortal ability. It surely cannot be tonight. I want and need him to eat Chris Bosh’s lunch at every opportunity.  I never wanted Chris Bosh and prefered Amare over him well before we signed Amare.  I think I can hang my hat on being right about that decision.

Miami has no real upfront answer for Amare. Big Z is too slow, Dampier is a fouling machine. Hasleem is on the bench in a suit. Chris Bosh we already covered.

Keys to the game will be keeping Lebron and Wade from turning MSG into their personally playground. A hard foul or two is going to be necessary tonight. Mozgov is a fouling machine anyway, so if it comes to that he needs to be our “hitman”.  We cannot allow both of them to put on the type of performances they have in the past. 

One of them is going to get off but both of them running a muck will pretty much tip the scales in their favor beyond recovery, in my opinion. 

Felton should be able to have his way with either Arroyo or Chalmers.  He is too strong for them to handle, I hope we exploit this option. 

I’m sure everything that can be said has been done so already. So to keep it simple and to quote @sniggah..

“Happy Beat The Heat Day!”



Loyal Knick Fan, Proud Isiah Thomas Supporter, Bonafied HipHop Historian, King Of Clownin', Twitterific.
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