Knife in my heart.









I guess getting used to winning makes it hard to adapt to a loss. If I was not a die-hard fan I could look from a 10,000 foot view and point out the positive.  We gave a great team all they could handle, if we had a few more ticks left on the clock we would have won, we showed what the Knicks are capable of on a Nationally Televised Game.

But I am a die-hard fan. So those things although are true, do not help me deal with this loss any better.

Some thoughts on what went wrong down the stretch..

Those two offensive rebounds by Kevin Garnett in the final minutes were HUGE. Those are the types of plays that win games. Some of them were just weird bounces but we have to secure those rebounds. Especially in a game where neither team was capable of stoping each other.

If Raymond Felton gets the whistle on that drive towards the end, Ray Allen clearly is not open in the corner for 3. That was a critical play.

I don’t wanna be extra critical of our team but we tried to win this game on offense and not defense. Ray Allen was finding open spots on the floor way too easy.  That needs to be tighten up, ASAP.

Our main guys played great. STAT was off the planet again. Raymond Felton played an all world game, Gallo had one of the best half’s of the season, and Wilson Chandler was Wilson Chandler, ol’ reliable.

I can remember thinking to myself as Boston kept cutting into the lead and applying pressure by trading baskets for us for what seemed like an eternity, if we have one miscue on offense we can lose this game. The Amare 18 footer was one miscue as was a forced jumper by Amare as KG had him smothered. No way am I faulting Amare, he was magnificent.  We just needed some of the plays to break our way in the final 2 minutes.  But They did not.

Paul Pierce is still one of the best closers in the game. He is right there with Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony when it comes to  clutch basket making. I will always respect his game. He is one of the most un-athletic looking athletes ever and always looks out of control, almost clumsy with the ball but is clearly in total control.  Similar to Manu Ginobli. Stud.

What I wouldn’t do to have an extra .5 on that shot clock. The fact that Amare hit that shot is mind-blowing alone. The fact that it did not count only adds to the misery.  The shout was reminiscent to the one he hit against the Spurs many years ago in the playoffs when Marbury was still his teammate to force overtime.

Streak ends tonight with a chance at a new one on Friday.






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