The Melo Bluff…


Don't Fall For The Melo Bluff










“We Dont Believe You, You Need More People.” -S. Carter “Takeover”

The latest reports is New Jersey is about to make a trade that will land them a pair of First Round Picks to be used to acquire Carmelo Anthony.

I personally refuse to subscribe to this idea that Carmelo Anthony would agree to sign an extension with the New Jersey Nets. The reasons should be pretty obvious but you can always click here and read “This or That” for an explanation.

Now, if he wants to join NJ and be laughed at by his peers, the fans and the media. Deuces.  Go right ahead.

What I think he really is doing is trying to pressurize the New York Knicks into making the trade now out of fear of losing him. He probably realizes that NY knows his desire and will attempt to make some really low offers to acquire Melo because they feel the best scenario is signing him in the summer of 2011 unless he can be had for spare parts.

Melo clearly wants to play in NY but I’m sure he wants that contract now and not face the uncertainty of a lock out and not knowing what type of contract he will be able to sign. I’m sure he is looking at our success and looking at NJ’s lack of. Even if he did agree to a sign and trade with NJ, what little pieces they have would be compromised in his acquisition. So I really think this is an attempt to get what he wants, when he wants, how he wants.

Nothing wrong with trying. Maybe the Knicks will go for the okey-doke. Maybe Not.

Maybe New Jersey will actually get Carmelo and we will be left out in the cold.

I doubt it though.

Don’t fold, Donnie.




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